Vehicle safety systems inspection station checklist

Use this checklist to help meet station equipment requirements. All equipment must be on site and calibrated for inspection by BAR. For more information on these requirements, see the Vehicle Safety Systems Inspection Manual.

Important! Complete this checklist before you apply for a station license.

Signs and licenses

Post visibly in an area frequented by customers.

Post outside the business in a location easily visible to the general public.

Licenses must be mounted under glass or other transparent cover and displayed in a place where the licenses are easily visible, legible, and located adjacent to a counter where customers are served. Print a license

BAR Safety Inspection System (BAR-SIS)

The computer must run a BAR tested and approved version of Microsoft Windows operating system software. The operating system software version must be supported by Microsoft. When no longer supported, the operating system software must be updated to a supported version.

The printer may be any technology (laser, ink, etc.), compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system used, and use 8½ inch by 11-inch plain paper. The printer may have a wired or wireless connection to the BAR-SIS computer.

The bar code scanner may be wired or wireless but must be capable of connecting to the computer (e.g., through USB connection, Bluetooth), compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system, and able to at least scan 1-d (linear type) bar codes. Optionally, a 2-d (square type) bar code scanner may be used for late model-year vehicles.

A continuous internet connection is required. The internet connection may be shared with other devices but must always remain connected to the system.

Be sure to register and download the Cal-VIS software to your BAR-SIS and complete the online enrollment and station participation agreement through the Cal-VIS enrollment and billing portal.
Registration and download
Enrollment and billing portal

Certificates of compliance can be purchased through the BAR-SIS.

Lighting inspection equipment

Tire and wheel inspection equipment

The tire pressure gauge and tire inflator may be a combined dual-purpose tool capable of measuring tire pressure and inflating the tire to any vehicle and tire manufacturer specifications

Brake systems inspection equipment

Reference material and records