Certified Training Providers

Smog Check Training Institutions and Instructors

BAR certifies institutions and instructors to provide training to automotive students and licensed Smog Check inspectors and repair technicians. Certified institutions and instructors provide quality training on Smog Check Program requirements to help improve the overall quality of inspections. For additional information on certification requirements, contact the BAR Hardware Certification and Schools Unit at bar.hcsu@dca.ca.gov.

To find training courses offered by certified institutions and instructors, visit BAR's California Automotive Resource Center.

Apply to become a certified institution

California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 3340.32

Apply to become a certified instructor

California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 3340.33

Remedial Training Providers

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 471 (Low, Chapter 372, Statutes of 2021), an automotive repair dealer cited for minor violations of the Automotive Repair Act such as documentation or recordkeeping errors may, until July 1, 2026, complete remedial training to prevent public disclosure of the citation on BAR’s website. Additionally, pursuant to AB 1263 (Berman, Chapter 681, Statutes of 2023), any employee of the automotive repair dealer who was involved in the violation resulting in the Bureau’s issuance of the citation also may be required by BAR to attend remedial training with the automotive repair dealer to prevent disclosure of the citation.

Remedial training is provided by a BAR-certified remedial training provider and consists of a minimum of eight hours of instruction on BAR laws and regulations. Training providers seeking to become a certified remedial training provider must submit an application and a description of their training course to BAR for review and approval. Certification must be renewed every five years.

Apply to become a certified remedial training provider

California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 3395.7 et seq.


Your training program may benefit from BAR's Cars for Schools program

The Cars for Schools program provides retired vehicles to public high schools, community colleges, and regional occupation programs throughout the state to provide hands-on training opportunities for students. Learn more >