School and Instructor Requirements Discussed at EAG Meeting

The Bureau of Automotive Repair’s (BAR) Educational Advisory Group (EAG), comprised of educators, shop owners, and technicians, meets regularly to discuss educational needs and make recommendations to BAR on training needs of licensed Smog Check inspectors and repair technicians. At its June 3, 2021 meeting via teleconference, the EAG reviewed proposed changes to school and instructor regulations. Proposed changes include additional training requirements for all active BAR certified instructors. EAG members agreed that instructors should meet rigorous training requirements in order to receive instructor certification and that many instructors already meet those requirements by completing National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) training hours.

BAR staff provided an update on Smog Check licensing examination pass rates. For the inspector exam, the current pass rate is 52% and the repair technician exam pass rate is 41%. BAR staff also provided insight of the recently completed occupational analysis of the repair technician license. The occupational analysis details the scope of practice for repair technicians and identifies the tasks and knowledge necessary for competent practice in California. Every five years, BAR is required by law to conduct an occupational analysis of each license type issued and regulated by BAR.

BAR staff also recognized that Smog Check inspection equipment updates may have been delayed due to schools being shut down during statewide COVID-19 closures. BAR’s Hardware Certification and Schools Unit offered to help BAR-certified schools to ensure that required inspection equipment updates are completed. To request assistance, school administrators can email the unit at For additional information on the EAG, including meeting details and materials, please visit the EAG page at

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