Business Information Updates

Looking to make a change to your license? Here is some helpful information to help guide you through the process.

Change of Business Name, Address, or Corporate Officers or Directors

An automotive repair dealer (ARD) must report any changes to its business name, address, or corporate officers to the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) within 14 days of the change. To report a change, please complete a Change of Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors form.

Please note the following:

  • The motor vehicle license plate number is included as part of a mobile ARD’s business name and must be shown on all invoices and advertisements. Mobile ARDs should use the Change of Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors form to report a change of motor vehicle license plate number.

  • When submitting a Change of Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors form, be sure to attach the original ARD registration and all associated licenses. Post photocopies of the original registration/license(s) in the shop until the new registration/license(s) are received.

Change of Business Type

Primary and secondary business type information (e.g., general repair, auto body, air conditioning, transmission repair, etc.) are provided by ARDs upon licensure or renewal. This information is also tied to the service category options displayed on BAR’s Auto Shop Locator. Licensees seeking to update their business type information are encouraged to complete a Change of Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors form.

Change of Ownership

An ownership change consists of any change in legal ownership of a business, including the purchase of an existing business, addition or deletion of a partner, the transfer of any ownership interest between members of family, change of the business entity by incorporation of the business, or any other change in the corporate status that requires a new corporate number as issued by the Secretary of State.

Registrations/licenses are not transferable to new owners. When a change of ownership takes place, the new owner must submit a new ARD application and station application(s) (if applicable) with the applicable fee(s). The business must cease operating until a new registration/license(s) is issued. BAR’s Licensing Program will work with the new ownership to ensure a timely license/registration transition.

Have questions or need help with updating your business information? Contact BAR’s Licensing Program at or call (855) 735-0462.

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