Renew an inspector or technician license

Renewal requirements

Inspector and technician licenses must be renewed biennially (every two years). Courtesy renewal notices are sent to licensees 120 days prior to the license expiration date. Licensees are responsible for renewing their license before expiration.

License Renewal Cycle Fee Training/Certification Required
Smog Check inspector Every 2 years $20.00 Inspector Update Training
Smog Check repair technician Every 2 years $20.00 Repair Technician Update Training

Diagnostic and Repair Training*
(*Required only if licensee
does not have current ASE
A6, A8, and L1 certification.)
Vehicle safety systems technician Every 2 years $10.00 Current ASE
A4, A5, and A6 certification

Renew licenseĀ 

Military renewal waiver

Renewal requirements, including renewal fees, continuing education requirements, and any other requirements as determined by BAR, may be waived for members of the United States Armed Forces when they are called to active duty. For additional information, visit Resources for Members of the United States Armed Forces and Their Families.


Can I renew my license online?

Online license renewal is available for inspector and technician licenses that will expire within the next 150 days or have not been expired for more than one year. Review eligibility requirements and begin the online renewal process.

Can I expedite my renewal?

No. Renewals are processed in the order they are received. The processing time is typically four to six weeks from the time of receipt. After your renewal is processed, you can print a copy of the license online.

I need to report a change of address and/or name. What do I need to do?

To report a change, complete a Change of Address and/or Name form. Please note, an address and/or name change must be received and processed by BAR before you may submit an online license renewal payment. Please allow two weeks for processing and use the License Search webpage to verify that the change has been made before attempting to submit an online license renewal payment.

I did not receive a renewal notice. What do I need to do?

If you do not receive a courtesy renewal notice in the mail, you are still responsible for renewing your license by the expiration date.

Renew your license online. Or, to renew your license by mail, you may submit a copy of your license with the applicable renewal fees. Include your license number on the check or money order made payable to:

Bureau of Automotive Repair
P.O. Box 989001
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9001

Can I overnight my renewal payment?

Yes. Payments may be sent overnight to:

Department of Consumer Affairs
Cashiering Unit
1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite S100
Sacramento, CA 95834

Can I print a copy of my license after it is renewed?

Yes, after the renewal is processed, you can print your license online.

What happens if I do not renew my license by the expiration date?

If license is not renewed prior to the license expiration date, your license is considered inactive and you may not perform activities for which a license is required until the license is renewed.

If the license is not renewed within one year of the expiration date, you will be required to submit a new application and fee, take required courses, and retake the examination.