Upcoming Smog Check Equipment Security Enhancements

In anticipation of the adoption of Smog Check Equipment Security and Fraud Prevention regulations this year, the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) will begin enrolling inspectors to use biometric palm-vein scanners in lieu of a password login to perform BAR-OIS inspections. The mandatory start date for biometric palm-vein scanner usage will be no earlier than October 1, 2022. BAR will send ET Blasts and other notifications at least 30 days prior to that start date. Upon the notification, inspectors will be able to schedule an enrollment appointment at a BAR field office or BAR-designated facility using the enrollment calendar that will be available on BAR’s website. BAR will encourage inspectors to enroll as soon as possible to ensure their ability to perform Smog Check services is not interrupted. Inspectors who have not enrolled prior to the mandatory start date for biometric palm-vein scanner usage will be locked out from performing BAR-OIS inspections.

During enrollment, licensees must present two forms of identification. One form of identification must be a valid, government-issued, photo identification (other than an inspector badge), such as a driver’s license, passport, or military identification. The second identification must show the enrollee’s signature and legal name, such as on a social security card or credit card. BAR will ask licensees to review and accept a Notice on Collection of Personal Biometric Information and Its Use and a Biometric Data Collection Consent Statement. Once the licensee accepts these forms, BAR will photograph the licensee and scan both of their palms.

BAR will announce when the biometric kits, including the scanner, cable, and hand cradle, will be available from Data Acquisition Device (DAD) providers or through a third-party vendor. The scanner will be a USB plug-and-play device so installation should not require a special service visit from DAD providers. BAR will add the specific part numbers for biometric kits to the Smog Check Manual.

Inspectors may begin using palm scanners to log in to their BAR-OIS as soon as a biometric kit is installed and the BAR-OIS software is updated. Until the mandatory-use date, inspectors will be able to use either their password or the palm scanner to log in and perform inspections.

BAR will continue to update licensees on the status of the regulatory proposal, provide notice of upcoming implementation and compliance dates, as well as provide information on obtaining equipment and scheduling an enrollment appointment. For up-to-date information, review ET Blasts and the Regulatory Actions page at www.bar.ca.gov.

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