UTI Presents Auto Tech Training Program at Educational Advisory Meeting

Advances in automotive technology continue to transform the automotive repair industry. With California’s push towards zero emissions transportation and growing consumer demand for electric vehicles (EVs), automotive technician training institutions continue to adapt their curriculums to keep pace with the evolving technology. During the Bureau of Automotive Repair’s (BAR) Educational Advisory Group (EAG) meeting on May 11, 2023, Tess Dubois-Carey, President of the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Sacramento campus, and newly appointed member of the BAR Advisory Group (BAG) and EAG, shared insights into UTI’s Automotive Technology program and their efforts to adapt the curriculum to incorporate more hybrid and EV technology training.

“There is strong demand for automotive repair technicians who can work on the new technologies introduced by auto makers, including zero-emission electric vehicles which are growing in popularity each year,” said Dubois-Carey. “Our California political leaders have made it clear that clean car investments and advances are happening. Driven by this major technological change, we’re proud to partner with manufacturers and industry partners to expand UTI’s hybrid and EV curriculum.”

UTI’s core Automotive Technology Program, designed to be completed in approximately one year, focuses on teaching students the essentials of vehicle diagnoses, maintenance, and repair. As part of their overall EV strategy, UTI has updated the core curriculum to incorporate additional hybrid and EV coursework. Upon completion of the program, students can pursue advanced training in specific manufacturer courses. UTI also offers graduates of their Automotive Technology Program the opportunity to enroll in EV and hybrid training courses at any time.

To learn more about UTI’s Automotive Technology Program, join BAR at the October 19, 2023 BAG meeting for a presentation by Dubois-Carey and visit www.uti.edu. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the automotive repair industry are also encouraged to visit BAR’s website for information on licensure, training requirements, scholarships, and BAR career opportunities for automotive professionals.

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