The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) is excited to announce a new license print feature available at The new feature offers licensees self-service printing, eliminating the need to wait for the license to be mailed by BAR's print vendor or request a duplicate/replacement license.

Online license printing is available for both business and inspector/technician licenses. Licenses are available for printing immediately upon BAR approval of a license application and/or renewal. After entering the business license and address, automotive repair dealers can download a printable copy of the registration and all associated station licenses. The feature also provides inspectors and technicians easy access to print copies of their wall license and badge through their California Automotive Resource Center (CalARC) account. (Licensees without a CalARC account will be prompted to create an account.)

Licensees are reminded automotive repair dealer registrations must be displayed in a place and manner conspicuous to customers. Additionally, station, inspector, and technician licenses must be posted prominently under glass or other transparent material in an area frequented by customers.

The new license print feature will greatly streamline the licensure process and advances BAR’s ongoing commitment to innovation and expanding the availability of online services for licensees and other stakeholders. Licensees are encouraged to print their license online at

Sample Self Print License
Sample wall license and badge print. Note: Licensee photos are no longer included on badges.

Printable Version