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ET Blast # 115125
The Bureau of Automotive Repair
All licensed stationsEquipment Type:BOTH,
BAR-OIS biometric enrollment starts October 1, 2022

Biometric palm scans to replace passwords for BAR-OIS inspections-get ready for the rollout!

Beginning October 1, 2022, all licensed Smog Check inspectors must complete biometric enrollment at a BAR field office to establish a palm data profile. Inspectors who have not enrolled by the mandatory start date (to be announced soon) for biometric palm scanner usage will be unable to perform BAR-OIS inspections.

Inspectors will be able to schedule an enrollment appointment online later this month at

Licensees are encouraged to carefully review upcoming ET Blasts and other BAR notifications for important enrollment instructions and updates.
9/1/2022 11:56:06 AM
9/1/2022 11:56:07 AM
9/1/2022 11:56:23 AM
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