ET Blasts

ET Blast # 110721
The Bureau of Automotive Repair
All licensed stationsCriticality:C,Expiration:31-DEC-99,Equipment Type:OIS,
Do not accept Windows 11 update beginning October 5, 2021.

DO NOT update your BAR-OIS computer to Windows 11 or purchase a new computer with Windows 11 as the BAR-OIS software will not work with Windows 11 at this time.

Starting October 5, 2021, Windows 11 will become available for qualifying computers as an update and in new off the shelf computers.

Windows Update will offer the Windows 11 upgrade as an optional choice that the PC user would need to select to install, regardless of whether you have Windows Update set to automatic or manual. So do not install the Windows 11 update.

If Windows 11 is installed, you must roll back to a prior windows version. Microsoft has indicated there will be a limited time to roll back or restore to a prior installed Windows version.
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