Certified Data Acquisition Devices

Vendor Model Name Model Number/Type (Wired/Wireless) Initial Certification Date Recertification Status
Phone: (855) 766-4323
Fax: (847) 616-6036
Email: smogdaddy@applustech.com
Smog DADdy
User Manual
310-0909 / Wired
310-0910 / Wireless
06/13/2014 Recertified on 06/13/22
Drew Technologies
Phone: (877) 888-2534
Email: support@drewtech.com
User Manual
IMclean-01 / Wired
IMclean-BT-01 / Wireless
06/20/2014 Recertified on 06/20/22
Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc.
Phone: (714) 990-2700
Email: info@wep-inc.com
User Manual
2909055 / Wired
2909055 / Wireless
09/10/2014 Recertified on 09/10/22

Certification Requirements

Initial Certification

Interested vendors should refer to the BAR OBD Inspection System Data Acquisition Device Specification for complete DAD specification information and certification requirements. To apply for certification testing, vendors must contact BAR's Hardware Certification and Schools Unit at (916) 403-0315 (select option 4) for details and to request a certification submittal package.


Pursuant to Section 5.2.1 of the BAR OBD Inspection System Data Acquisition Device Specification, ninety (90) days prior to the conclusion of the one year certification period, BAR shall evaluate whether a certified DAD continues to meet the requirements of the DAD Specification. If BAR determines that the DAD continues to meet the requirements of this specification, the DAD shall be recertified for another one (1) year period.