Workshop Held to Address Automotive Repair Transaction Requirements

On January 26, 2023, the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) held a public workshop to discuss the use of estimating and invoicing software by automotive repair dealers (ARDs) and ways to ensure ARDs are not put at risk of violating the Automotive Repair Act and regulations related to estimating, authorizations, invoicing, and records retention. The meeting was attended by industry representatives, shop owners, and software providers.

The workshop began with a short Write It Right presentation which highlighted the statutory and regulatory requirements for documenting and retaining records of repair estimates, authorizations, and invoices. Attendees addressed the challenges ARDs experience when using software solutions such as difficulty in completely and accurately documenting repair authorizations or the inability to access older, digital records. It was noted that software providers are not subject to BAR jurisdiction and, as such, BAR does not review, recommend, or certify software solutions. As it stands, ARDs choosing to use software solutions are responsible for verifying its compliance with the Automotive Repair Act and all associated laws and regulations.

The workshop provided the opportunity to hear perspectives and ideas from software providers, shop owners, and industry representatives on best ways to support ARDs, foster a competitive marketplace, and ensure regulatory compliance when it comes to digital record-keeping. Recognizing the significance of this issue, BAR will continue to seek out opportunities to research, collaborate, and workshop solutions.

Visit BAR’s Public Workshops webpage at to review the workshop presentation materials or view the workshop recording.

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