The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) mediates consumer complaints with the goal of obtaining a fair and appropriate resolution for both the consumer and the automotive repair dealer (ARD) involved in the repair transaction. BAR also uses the complaint mediation process to educate ARDs on the Automotive Repair Act and related laws and regulations to help avoid future complaints and to promote consumer confidence in their next repair transaction.

Complaint allegation trend information for July through December 2022 is provided in the table below. To learn more about complaint trends, view BAR’s quarterly enforcement statistics reports available on the BAR Advisory Group webpage at Additional enforcement statistics, including performance measures to track the Department of Consumer Affairs' efficacy in managing the consumer complaint process, are available on the DCA Open Data Portal at

Trend Total Received %
Engine Repair and Performance
Repair, diagnosis, cooling systems, fuel systems, etc.
2,467 33%
General Repair and Maintenance
Brakes, suspension, steering, air conditioning/heat, etc.
1,376 18%
Auto Body
Auto body repair, auto glass, etc.
1,332 18%
Automatic transmission, manual transmission/clutch, etc.
537 7%
Smog repair, test procedures, etc.
421 6%
Used Car Transactions 358 5%
Vehicle Warranty 352 5%
Motorcycle repair, etc.
346 5%
Unlicensed Activity 151 2%
Towing and Storage
Towing, storage fees, and improper lien sales
97 1%

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