Smog Check Repair-Only Stations

Smog Check repair-only stations are licensed to diagnose and repair vehicles. An automotive repair dealer (ARD) that would like to perform emissions-related repairs but is not interested in performing Smog Check inspections can become a licensed Smog Check repair-only station. Over 2,000 Smog Check test-only stations perform Smog Check inspections, many of which fail because of emissions control component failures accompanied by an illuminated malfunction indicator light. This creates a demand for stations that can perform the necessary emissions-related repairs. In addition, consumers are encouraged to address an illuminated malfunction indicator light irrespective of the vehicle’s Smog Check inspection due date. Smog Check repair-only stations can perform the general automotive repairs of an ARD but can also perform emissions-related repairs.

Becoming a licensed Smog Check repair-only station requires an application and fee, diagnostic and hand tools, and an employee who is a licensed Smog Check repair technician. Additional information for becoming a Smog Check repair-only station is available under the Licensees tab at

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