New Referee Scheduling Software

The Smog Check Referee Program provides resources such as Smog Check inspection review and specialized inspection services for engine changes, engine noise, and repair cost waivers. The program also plays an important role in preventing fraudulent Smog Check inspections through certificate blocking and inspection of vehicles with irregular data. Vehicles referred due to suspicious inspection activity must be certified at a referee station before having future inspections performed at a licensed Smog Check station.

The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC), which administers the Smog Check Referee Program, and the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) are working together to improve efficiency of referee stations by streamlining inspection processes and optimizing resource usage. On January 13, 2020, FCCC implemented new scheduling and communication software. The software tracks information such as required documentation, time spent interacting with consumers while setting up appointments, and time required to perform different inspection operations. This allows resources to be allocated to provide efficient inspections without compromising the quality of the inspections or the consumer experience. Refinements will continue to be made, but BAR anticipates a significant increase in efficiency of referee stations with the new scheduling software.

For additional information about the services offered by referee stations, visit the Referee Program page at

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