DocuSign in Gas Audit Inspections

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) conducts routine audits and inspections of stations across the state to verify the proper functionality and accuracy of emissions testing equipment used in the Smog Check Program. In November 2019, BAR began offering Smog Check stations the option to electronically sign and receive documents related to their gas audit inspections through DocuSign. Upon completion of a gas audit, documents are emailed to the licensee(s) and the BAR program representative for electronic signature. The electronic signatures can be completed on any computer or mobile device with just a few clicks. When the digital signatures are complete, final electronic copies of the documents are sent to all parties.

DocuSign streamlines the audit process, provides electronic copies of records, reduces environmental impacts, and is offered at no cost to BAR licensees. Smog Check stations are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. BAR is also reviewing the expansion of DocuSign to other business processes.

For more information on Smog Check station audits and inspections, visit the Certifying and Maintaining Equipment page at

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