Avoid Registration and License Delinquency

Automotive Repair Dealer (ARD) registrations and Smog Check station licenses must be renewed annually. BAR mails courtesy notices ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date. In the event you do not receive a courtesy renewal notice, you are still responsible for renewing the ARD registration and Smog Check station license by the expiration date. BAR recommends that renewal payments be made several days in advance of the registration/license expiration date to allow for timely processing. This helps stations avoid expiration of registrations/licenses, accumulation of delinquency fees, lockout of Smog Check analyzers, and possible suspension of STAR and CAP repair assistance privileges.

Mail a copy of the registration and license with the applicable renewal fees made payable to the Department of Consumer Affairs to the address below:

Department of Consumer Affairs
Cashiering Unit
PO Box 989001
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9001

If your renewal is postmarked after the expiration date, the registration/license will be charged a delinquency fee for each registration/license being renewed. The registration/license will not be renewed until delinquency fees are received and processed.

Additional information is available under the Licensees tab at www.bar.ca.gov.

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