2016 CAP Repair Assistance Operations Manual

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) recently released the 2016 Consumer Assistance Program Repair Assistance Operations Manual. Stations under contract with the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) are required to comply with the manual for all repair assistance transactions.

Key changes and updates to the manual include the following:

  • Section 2.10: Change of Business Ownership, Name / Address

    An updated station questionnaire (Appendix C) and Payee Data Record (STD 204) are required to be completed when changing the business ownership, name, or address. This must be done prior to amending CAP’s agreement with the station. The station’s legal business name must match their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), or Social Security Number (SSN) for a sole proprietor, when completing the STD 204.

  • Section 3.2: Station Equipment

    Either a fax machine or an active email account is required to send and receive repair notifications and related documents.

  • Section 5.2: Baseline Test Required

    The required baseline test must be performed at the time of repairs on every vehicle. This includes transactions where the station performing the repairs is the same station that performed the initial Smog Check that qualified the vehicle for CAP.

  • Section 5.7: Non-Reimbursable Items

    CAP will not reimburse stations for repairs due to oil leaks. The only exception is for oil leaks into the spark plug well that cause the spark plug wires to deteriorate and result in a Smog Check failure.

  • Section 5.8: Repair Notifications

    Stations have the option of emailing the required Repair Notification Form and related documents.

  • Section 6.3: Reimbursement Invoices

    The station address on the CAP Invoice Form must match the mailing address on the STD 204. This is the address where the reimbursement check will be sent.

  • Section 6.5: Reimbursement Requirements

    When completing the STD 204, a station’s legal business name must match their FEIN, or SSN for a sole proprietor. If a DBA is used, both names must be clearly indicated (e.g., ACME Inc. DBA Smog Shop) on the form.

The 2016 Consumer Assistance Program Repair Assistance Operations Manual and CAP training resources are available at www.bar.ca.gov. If you have any questions regarding the CAP manual or need additional training, please contact the CAP Help Desk at (866) 361-3933.

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