Industry Help Desk

BAR’s Industry Help Desk is available to provide answers to questions received via email or telephone on technical matters, BAR programs, and other issues relating to Automotive Repair Dealers (ARDs), Smog Check stations and inspectors/technicians, and Brake and Lamp stations and adjusters. The Program Representatives answering the phones are former repair technicians with many years of experience in the automotive repair industry.

Typically, the Help Desk handles issues concerning the BAR-97 and On-Board Diagnostic Inspection System (BAR-OIS) testing platforms, including the initial BAR-OIS registration and software download. The Help Desk also answers questions pertaining to the STAR Program and BAR’s website at

Stations that call regarding test equipment hardware malfunctions, enforcement issues, licensing issues, and certain types of smog analyzer lockouts are referred to the appropriate BAR program.


  • Clear BAR-97 certificate sequence lockouts.
  • Remove Test-Only flags for enhanced-area vehicles re-registered in a basic area after registering the change with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Smog Check stations can also remove the flag by visiting the Zip Code Update page at
  • Help with BAR-OIS registration, download, and set up.
  • Provide technical support on the BAR-OIS. Depending on complexity, the issue may be escalated to BAR Engineering for additional support.
  • Answer STAR-related questions.
  • Answer BAR website-related questions.
  • Direct callers with general questions to the appropriate BAR program.


  • Update or change an inspector/repair technician’s email for BAR-OIS.
  • Update or change the owner role for the BAR-OIS system.
  • Add or remove inspectors/repair technicians at a Smog Check station.
  • Unlock a BAR-97 cabinet tamper lockout.
  • Answer Smog Check inspection and/or repair questions. Please contact the local BAR field office for help with the above issues.
  • Help with Low Pressure Fuel Evaporative Tester (LPFET) issues. Please contact the equipment manufacturer.
  • Clear analyzer lockouts related to expired Smog Check licenses. Please contact BAR’s Licensing Unit at (916) 403-8477 or (855) 735-0462.

The BAR Industry Help Desk can be reached by phone at (866) 860-8509 or by email at

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