BAR-97 EIS Update

BAR anticipates the adoption of regulations requiring compliance with the new BAR-97 Emissions Inspection System (EIS) specification in Summer 2018. The proposed regulation removes current requirements for the transfer of data from BAR-97 Smog Check equipment to BAR’s Vehicle Identification Database (VID) through traditional analog telephone lines and replaces them with requirements for the transfer of data through a standard internet connection. Two EIS equipment manufacturers (Snap-on and SPX) have informed BAR that they will not be participating in the update. Stations that use Snap-on and SPX BAR-97 analyzers may need to purchase new equipment to be in compliance with the new Smog Check Program requirements.

However, both OPUS and Worldwide Environmental Products (WEP) have informed BAR that they plan to continue providing EIS equipment to the Smog Check industry. While nothing is yet certified to meet the new specification, both companies have submitted updated equipment to BAR to begin the certification process in anticipation of the regulations being adopted. These next generation EIS units are upgrades of existing EIS units already being used by Smog Check stations to test 1999 and older model-year vehicles.

EIS upgrades will be split into two stages. The first stage will convert EIS communications from a phone line and modem (i.e., dial-up) to Internet Protocol (IP). The later update will modernize end-of-life EIS units with changes such as requiring a Windows operating system, converting to a new and more reliable gas bench, and updating the data record layout. BAR has been working with EIS manufacturers to test and certify new operating systems, gas benches, sample hoses, and other items to ensure reliable EIS equipment is available to support the California Smog Check Program.

Although the exact date that support for dial-up EIS connectivity will be terminated is unknown, BAR strongly suggests that Smog Check stations obtain an internet-capable EIS as soon as possible to ensure business continuity through this transition. BAR will notify Smog Check stations of any developments as they occur. The current status of all EIS certifications can be found on the BAR-97 EIS Information page at

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