BAR by the Numbers

Licensing Summary

(as of February 2021)

License1 Type Number of Registrants/Licenses
Automotive Repair Dealer2 35,129
Smog Check Station 7,020
Brake Station 888
Lamp Station 867
Smog Check Inspector 13,698
Smog Check Repair Technician 6,869
Brake Adjuster 1,114
Lamp Adjuster 960
STAR Station3 3,651

1 California Business and Professions Code section 23 defines "license" as a license, certificate, registration, or other means to engage in a business or profession regulated by the code.

2 An automotive repair dealer holds a registration to conduct business in California.

3 A licensed Smog Check station holds a STAR certification if it meets certain performance criteria established in BAR regulations.

Top Business Types

(as of February 2021)

Business types are provided by automotive repair dealers upon licensure or renewal. Licensees seeking to update their business type information can complete a Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors form.

Primary Business Types Secondary Business Types
1. General Repair 1. General Repair
2. Auto Body/Paint Shop 2. Smog Check Station
3. Smog Check Station 3. Automotive Diagnostic Center
4. Tire Shop 4.Tune-Up/Oil and Lube
5. New/Used Car Dealer 5. Brake/Front End Alignment Shop
6. Mobile Automotive Repair 6. Tire Shop
7. Transmission Repair Shop 7. Service Station
8. Service Station 8. Engine Rebuilding/Repair
9. Tune-Up/Oil and Lube 9. Mobile Automotive Repair
10. Used Car Dealer 10. Auto Body/Paint Shop

(July - December 2020)

Trend Total Received %
Engine Repair and Performance
Repair, diagnosis, cooling systems, fuel systems, etc.
1,993 33%
General Repair and Maintenance
Brakes, suspension, steering, air conditioning/heat, etc.
1,100 18%
Auto Body
Auto body repair, auto glass, etc.
796 13%
Motorcycle repair, improper lien sales, etc.
627 10%
Automatic transmission, manual transmission/clutch, etc.
454 8%
Smog repair, test procedures, etc.
361 6%
Used Car Transactions 336 6%
Vehicle Warranty 177 3%
Unlicensed Activity 165 3%

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