CAP Services at STAR Test-and-Repair Stations

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has received telephone calls from consumers concerned about being unable to receive Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) services at some STAR Test-and-Repair stations. The consumers indicated that they were given reasons such as the station does not perform CAP repairs, the station is too busy, or the diagnosis alone would cost $500. While there can be legitimate reasons for rejecting a vehicle, such as vehicle safety, engine overheating, or transmission problems, the reasons described by many consumers do not appear to fall in these categories.

According to California Code of Regulations section 3392.5.1(a)(9), a STAR Test-and-Repair station is required to participate in CAP in order to maintain its STAR Test-and-Repair certification. The CAP Operations Manual prohibits making any false statements to exclude, refuse, or discourage consumers from participating in CAP at their station. STAR Test-and-Repair stations are encouraged to contact the CAP Help Desk at (866) 272-9642 with any questions and to regularly reference the CAP Operations Manual and CAP training resources page at

BAR would also like to remind STAR Test-and-Repair stations that participating in CAP provides many benefits, including:

  • Opportunity to provide CAP services to existing customers who qualify for the program.
  • Access to a large customer base without advertising costs.
  • Recognition as a STAR Test-and-Repair station.
  • Ability to accept directed vehicles and gross polluters for testing and repairs.
  • Opportunities to assist local communities.
  • Assistance from the CAP Help Desk.
  • Partnership with BAR to clean California’s air and assist consumers.

Availability of CAP services at all STAR Test-and-Repair stations ensures that consumers have access to the repairs they need and offers many valuable benefits to stations.

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