Mobile Automotive Repair

California Code of Regulations (CCR), title 16, section 3351.7.3 specifies requirements for mobile automotive repair. Specifically, businesses performing mobile automotive repairs exclusively must comply with the following:

  • Registration: Obtain a separate automotive repair dealer (ARD) registration for each motor vehicle used to perform mobile automotive repair. The vehicle license plate number will be included as part of the registered business name.

  • Advertising: Display the following information on any online advertisement and each vehicle used to perform mobile automotive repair:

    • Business name
    • Registration number
    • Telephone number
  • Disclosure: Meet all estimate, work order, and invoice requirements specified in CCR, title 16, article 7. BAR’s Write It Right guide is available at See the related “Updated Write It Right Guide” article. In addition, provide each customer a copy of the official ARD sign required by CCR, title 16, section 3351.3.

Additional information on registration requirements and other mobile ARD responsibilities, including estimates and invoices, is available under the Licensees tab at

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