BAR Rolls Out New Vehicle Safety Systems Inspection Program

As required by Assembly Bill 471 (Low, Chapter 372, Statutes of 2021), the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) is in the process of implementing the new Vehicle Safety Systems Inspection (VSSI) Program. The program, which became effective on March 27, 2024, consolidates current brake and lamp inspections with other vehicle safety systems assessments into one comprehensive inspection program. As required by regulation, the brake and lamp inspection programs will sunset six months after adoption of the new regulations.

To support the transition from the brake and lamp inspection programs to the new VSSI Program, BAR has developed a three-phase approach for implementation.

Phase 1: VSSI licensure opens for stations and technicians

Licensing of new VSSI stations and technicians, began on March 27, 2024, when the VSSI Program regulations became effective. BAR is currently accepting applications for VSSI stations and technicians and is no longer accepting brake and lamp station or adjuster applications. Existing station and adjuster licensees holding both an active brake license AND an active lamp license may, until March 27, 2025, qualify for a waiver of the application fee. Existing brake and lamp adjusters are also eligible for a waiver from the required licensing examination and a temporary waiver of required ASE certifications for the new VSSI license (ASE certifications will be required with the biennial renewal of the license).

Stations and technicians who wish to apply are encouraged to download an application from the VSSI webpage. The webpage covers simple steps to get licensed and provides quick access to the Vehicle Safety Systems Inspection Manual and important information on the BAR Safety Inspection System platform used to perform the new inspection and biometric enrollment requirements for VSSI technicians. Stations can also access the VSSI station checklist, a helpful resource intended to assist stations with the equipment, tools, and reference materials required to perform vehicle safety systems inspections. Stations should ensure they meet all requirements listed on the checklist prior to applying.

Phase 2: Inspections begin

Vehicle safety systems inspections are set to begin on or about June 27, 2024. The VSSI Program will run concurrently with the brake and lamp inspection programs for approximately three months. This will allow stations and technicians time to become familiar with the new inspection requirements and ensure an effective transition to the new VSSI Program.

Phase 3: Brake and lamp programs end

The brake and lamp inspection programs will sunset (end) on September 27, 2024. On this date, all brake and lamp station and adjuster licenses will cease to be valid by operation of law. After the sunset date, BAR will no longer sell brake and lamp certificates of compliance, and DMV will no longer accept them. BAR will collect and refund all unused brake and lamp certificates.

To learn more about the VSSI Program, visit the VSSI webpage at

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