BAR by the Numbers

Licensing Summary as of June 30, 2020

License1 Type Number of Registrants/Licenses
Automotive Repair Dealer2 35,186
Smog Check Station 6,712
Brake Station 928
Lamp Station 917
Smog Check Inspector/Repair Technician 20,942
Brake Adjuster 1,283
Lamp Adjuster 1,101
STAR Station3 3,832

1 California Business and Professions Code section 23 defines "license" as a license, certificate, registration, or other means to engage in a business or profession regulated by the code.

2 An automotive repair dealer holds a registration to conduct business in California.

3 A licensed Smog Check station holds a STAR certification if it meets certain performance criteria established in BAR regulations.

Trend Total Received %
Engine Repair and Performance
Repair, diagnosis, cooling systems, fuel systems, etc.
2,040 34%
General Repair and Maintenance
Brakes, suspension, steering, air conditioning/heat, etc.
1,012 17%
Auto Body
Auto body repair, auto glass, etc.
954 16%
Motorcycle repair, improper lien sales, etc.
515 8%
Automatic transmission, manual transmission/clutch, etc.
484 8%
Smog repair, test procedures, etc.
373 6%
Used Car Transactions 303 5%
Vehicle Warranty 195 3%
Unlicensed Activity 172 3%

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