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Vehicle Make:   ISUZU      Model Year:  2004

    Body Type:

ModelVTLRowID*CylindersEngine Size (liters)TransmissionFuel TypeTest Weight (lbs.)Test Type
ASCENDER 2WD32352064.2AutomaticGasoline4750ASM
ASCENDER 2WD32353085.3AutomaticGasoline5250ASM
ASCENDER 4WD32354064.2AutomaticGasoline5000ASM
ASCENDER 4WD32355085.3AutomaticGasoline5500ASM
AXIOM 2WD32356063.5AutomaticGasoline4250ASM
AXIOM 4WD32357063.5AutomaticGasoline4500ASM
RODEO 2WD32358063.2Automatic/ManualGasoline4250ASM
RODEO 2WD32359063.5AutomaticGasoline4250ASM
RODEO 4WD32360063.2Automatic/ManualGasoline4500ASM
RODEO 4WD32361063.5AutomaticGasoline4500ASM

* The Vehicle Lookup Table (VLT) Row ID number displayed may be different from the VLT Row ID number shown on a Vehicle Inspection Report that was printed from software used prior to the BAR-97 2010 software update.