Assistance for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Spouses/Domestic Partners

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) provides the following assistance to veterans (i.e., former military personnel) transitioning to civilian employment and active-duty military personnel and their spouses or domestic partners:

Military Veterans Application Assistance

  • Expedited application processing for people who have served in the military (honorably discharged)
  • Specially-trained staff to evaluate transferable military training and experience that meets minimum licensure requirements
  • Direct telephone and email contact with BAR Licensing staff

If applicable, include the following documentation when you submit your application to BAR:

  • Copy of DD214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty)
  • Copy of ERB (Enlisted Record Brief)
  • Copy of ORB (Officer Record Brief)
  • Copy of DD2586 (Verification of Military Experience and Training form)
  • Copy of Joint Service Transcripts (military transcripts)
  • Sealed, official educational transcripts for formal civilian education

Copies of service records can be obtained from

For more information on qualification and licensing requirements, refer to Section 44031.5 (d) of the Health and Safety Code.

Renewal Fee Waiver for Active Duty Military Personnel

Renewal requirements waived for military personnel called to active duty include renewal fees, continuing education requirements, and any other requirements as determined by BAR.

To qualify for a waiver, the licensee/registrant must:

  • Possess a current and valid license when called to active duty
  • Provide written documentation that substantiates the licensee's/registrant's call to active duty

"Called to active duty" includes licensees in all branches of the military who, on a temporary basis, travel to remote locations to engage in activity relating to a war, national emergency, or other military operations.

Renewal requirements are only waived for the period of time the licensee/registrant is serving in the temporary assignment at the remote location, and the licensee/registrant must notify BAR of receipt of a notice of discharge date within 60 days of receiving such a notice.

All private practice is prohibited under the waiver. A licensee may not return to private practice until after they have complied with renewal requirements required by the program(s) under which they are licensed/registered. (Business and Professions Code section 114.3)

Expedited Licensure for Spouses or Domestic Partners of Active Duty Military Personnel

For an applicant's license/registration to be expedited, the applicant must:

  • Supply evidence that they are married to, or in a domestic partnership or other legal union with, an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is assigned to a duty station in California under official orders
  • Hold a current license/registration in another state, district or territory of the United States in the profession or vocation for which the applicant is seeking a license/registration

Please note that this does not mean a license/registration must be issued, but simply requires the process to be accelerated for spouses and domestic partners of active duty military personnel. (Business and Professions Code section 115.5)

If you have questions or believe you qualify for any of the above programs, please contact the BAR Licensing Unit toll free at (855) 735-0462 or (916) 403-8477.


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