Certifying and Maintaining Equipment

BAR Equipment Certification Process

Equipment used to perform Smog Checks in California must be certified by BAR before it can be used. Click on one of the options below to learn how manufacturers can get their equipment certified for use in California.

Maintaining Your Equipment

As a shop owner, it is your responsibility to keep all required tools and equipment in proper working order. Contact the manufacturer of your equipment and tools for specific information on how they should be maintained. Please be advised, BAR does not provide specific maintenance information and does not intervene in disputes.

STAR Program  STAR Stations: Ignoring a broken or malfunctioning Emissions Inspection System (EIS), or failing to understand its proper use, can result in disqualification from the STAR Program. It is your responsibility to ensure your EIS is functioning properly and to diagnose and repair any faulty equipment promptly. Contact the manufacturer of your EIS immediately if your equipment exhibits any of the following faulty behaviors or is otherwise not operating correctly:

  • Freezes up regularly
  • Spontaneously aborts during a Smog Check inspection
  • Requires daily calibrations
  • Often requires multiple calibration attempts before a vehicle will pass
  • Gives erroneous RPM readings

Equipment Help

For general questions regarding the Smog Check Program and/or equipment requirements, contact the BAR Service Desk, 866-860-8509.

For questions regarding billing for electronic transmission of smog inspections/certificates and/or emissions analyzer communication problems, contact SGS Testcom, 866-966-7664.

For additional information and equipment resources, visit the Industry Resources page.

Smog Check Station Audits and Inspections

BAR routinely conducts audits and inspections of stations across the State to verify the proper functionality and accuracy of emissions testing equipment used in the Smog Check Program. When defective or improperly functioning emissions analyzer equipment is identified, BAR staff work with the station to ensure necessary corrections are made.

A Smog Check station audit and inspection includes the following:

  • Visual Inspection - examination of all peripheral hardware attached to the emissions analyzer, including inspection of calibration gases and zero air
  • Functional Inspection - examination of the functionality of the emissions analyzer, including calibration and leak checks as necessary
  • Gas Audit - introduction of certified gas values into the emissions analyzer sample system to ensure equipment is operating within acceptable tolerances
  • Inspection Report - documentation provided to stations at the conclusion of the audit and inspection that identifies any problems that require correction