Brake Station Equipment

Brake stations must have, at a minimum, the following equipment and materials (per California Code of Regulations Title 16 § 3321):

All Stations

  • Suitable hand tools.
  • A brake drum diameter gauge capable of measuring increments of 0.005 inch.
  • A disc brake rotor thickness gauge capable of measuring increments of 0.001 inch.
  • A disc brake rotor runout gauge capable of measuring increments of 0.001 inch.
  • Brake lining gauges capable of measuring thickness of remaining usable brake lining either in fractions of an inch or in percentage of lining remaining.
  • Torque wrenches capable of measuring torsion in accordance with vehicle manufacturer's installation and adjustment specifications.
  • BAR's Handbook for Brake Adjusters and Stations.
  • All appropriate and current standards, specifications, directives, manuals, bulletins, and instructions issued by motor vehicle, brake, and brake equipment manufacturers that are applicable to vehicles for which the station adjusts brakes.
  • Service manuals and operating instructions issued by the manufacturers for all brake inspection tools, instruments, machines, devices and equipment used by the station.

Class A and B Stations

Class A and B stations must also have the following:

  • A vacuum brake test kit with a gauge capable of measuring in inches of mercury.
  • An airbrake pressure test gauge accurate to +1 psi.